PCs on sleep mode would save power and the climate, PDX Green says

Friday, April 25, 2008 |

By Shelby Wood
The Oregonian

The quiet box on your desk or in the living room, that thing that helps you work and buy airline tickets and watch funny clips on YouTube -- it's burning through fossil fuels, too.

The tools to slow the power flow are right inside it, accessible with a few mouse clicks. Pay nothing; give nothing up. Yet most of us never make the fix.

To change that, Intel and Google founded the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a nonprofit based in a Pearl District office. In their sights: Your computer, your kid's computer, your sister's . . . all 1 billion PCs worldwide. The technology giants want computers to go to sleep, and consume less energy, when we're not using them.


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Michelle Hazelton said...

A business solution for sending computers to sleep and waking them up again for updates or simply for when the user starts work can be found here: http://www.1e.com/SoftwareProducts/NightWatchman/Index.aspx

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